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Who We Are

TruthSpeaks Innovation Foundation is a social impact foundation committed to providing critical business and organizational infrastructure support to Black girls and women across the global south.

Black girls and women are the backbone of the nation. throughout the United States. Yet, they are often overlooked, underestimated, and underinvested in. With the largest concentration of Black girls and women residing in twelve states throughout the South, TruthSpeaks Innovation Foundation will center our work on providing them with leadership, social, and financial investment. Imagine if Black girls and women had resources to bring their products and services to scale and provide financial stability for their families that creates generational wealth. For so long, we have done so much with so little. TruthSpeaks Innovation Foundation will be the multiplier that extracts the greatness and increases it for the good of communities

Latest News

Truthspeaks Innovation Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural Harvard leadership cohort

Truthspeaks Innovation Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural leadership cohort for the Power, Innovation & Leadership Executive Education program at Harvard Kennedy School. The program is a special executive education experience [...]

“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make  them”

-Madame C.J. Walker

Our  Mission.

To provide Black women and girls across the global south with creative tools and resources to expand economic opportunity in their businesses and organizations

Our  Vision.

TruthSpeaks Innovation Foundation will actualize the concept “it takes a village” to provide the necessary infrastructure that helps the dreams of Black girls and women materialize in their businesses and organizations. We will provide services to thousands of women that focus on not only improving business acumen but also personal and professional development as well as wrap around services that could increase the success rate for Black girls and women in our community.

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